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Color Emoji font


Installs two fonts to display all emojis in the Unicode Emoji 13.0.
This installs Noto Color Emoji font.
To test if it works, go to:


Monitors CPU, RAM, disk usage, and more.
This sits on your desktop, refreshing once a second, with pretty graphs showing you all you need to know.
To run: it should autostart on boot.
To run in a terminal: conky

Conky Rings - phoenixbyrd for the files ryanfortner for the scripts Botspot for coloring the theme

Animated gauges and graphs of your system, on your desktop.
Displays system uptime, core-specific CPU usage, CPU speed, CPU temperature, top 5 processes by CPU usage, storage usage for boot and root partitions, RAM usage, SWAP usage, top 5 processes by RAM usage, and describes the current Linux environment.

Geany Dark Mode - Botspot. Oh yeah.

Proper appearance theme for the Geany text editor.
Geany's default color scheme looks horrible. Fortunately, this app will make it look good.
By default, this will apply the "spyder-dark" theme, (Botspot's favorite!), but it will also install many other themes to try out as well. To switch themes in Geany: View -> Change Color Scheme.

Lightpad - Installation Script Made By RPICoder App Added To Pi-Apps by RPICoder

LightPad is a lightweight, simple and powerful application launcher.
To run: Menu -> Accessories -> Lightpad
To run in a terminal: com.github.libredeb.lightpad

Mac OS Theme - App Made By And Added To Pi-Apps By RPI Coder

Realistic Light/Dark Mac OS Big Sur appearance theme. Uses XFCE desktop.
This is a bash script that will make your plain Raspberry Pi OS LXDE desktop look similar to MacOSBigSur. You can switch between light and dark themes using the themeconverter.
To run: Menu -> Accessories -> ThemeConverter
To run in a terminal: themeconverter
Uninstalling this app should restore all of your original theme configuration. If something breaks due to this theme, please report it.

Oomox Theme Designer

A tool to customize icons, xrdb and GTK themes. 

Graphical application for generating different color variations of Oomox (Numix-based) and Materia (ex-Flat-Plat) themes (GTK2, GTK3, Cinnamon, GNOME, Openbox, Xfwm), Archdroid, Gnome-Color, Numix, Papirus and Suru++ icon themes. 

You can apply your themes in lxappearance. 

To run: Menu -> Graphics -> Oomox Theme Designer
To run in a terminal: oomox-gui

Powerline-Shell - Installation Script Created By RPICoder Added To Pi Apps By Botspot

A beautiful and useful prompt generator for Bash, ZSH, Fish, and tcsh:

-Shows some important details about the git/svn/hg/fossil branch
-Changes color if the last command exited with a failure code
-If you're too deep into a directory tree, shortens the displayed path with an ellipsis
-Shows the current Python virtualenv environment
-It's easy to customize and extend.

Ulauncher - RPiCoder on Discord recommended this. Botspot made the scripts.

All-in-one application launcher, Google search engine, calculator, file manager...
This is the best app launcher I've ever seen, though it can be a bit slow when searching. - Botspot

Windows 10 Theme

Make Raspberry Pi OS look as close to Windows 10 as possible.
Installs an icon theme, GTK theme, openbox theme, mouse cursor theme, window shadows, window fading, desktop background and custom panel.

Windows Screensavers - Botspot

14 Windows screensavers that run well on Raspberry Pi.

Once installed, you can launch Botspot's Screensavers GUI from:
Menu -> Preferences -> Windows Screensavers.
To run in terminal: ~/Screensavers/gui

Preview a screensaver, change its settings, and enable it to run after a specified duration of inactivity. The screensaver will not start while audio is playing.

Note: If you don't have Wine installed, this app will install it for you.

In addition to the Windows Screensavers, Botspot's Screensaver GUI also allows convenient installation of GPU-accelerated Xscreensaver, preset to enable the best ones out of 230 screensavers.

XSnow - Thanks to Willem Vermin for developing this project.

This turns your desktop wallpaper into an animated winter wonderland!
Features falling snowflakes, flying birds, scenery like trees and deer, the moon, Santa, flapping birds, and more.
Over time, snow will begin to collect on the top of your windows.

To run: Menu -> Games -> xsnow
To run in terminal: xsnow

Creative Arts

BlockBench - JannisX11 (GitHub) for creating the program ryanfortner (GitHub) for writing scripts, and hosting the debs cycool29 (GitHub) for compiling debs

Blockbench is a free, modern model editor for low-poly and boxy models with pixel art textures. Models can be exported into standardized formats, to be shared, rendered, 3D-printed, or used in game engines. There are also multiple dedicated formats for Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition with format-specific features.

Boxy SVG - Shout-out to ItzCutePikachu for figuring out how to remove the annoying "Boxy SVG will stop working" pop-up from the javascript.

The best vector graphics image editor for Raspberry Pi.
This downloads Boxy SVG from Snap, but avoids using Snap to do so.
Performance is excellent, and I (Botspot) have been using it on my RPi for for all graphics editing. (Including the Pi-Apps logo!)

If you have a problem using Boxy SVG, please report it on Botspot's github page, not to the Boxy SVG website! If there's too many RPi-based bug reports, the Boxy SVG dev may withdraw his permission for it to be on Pi-Apps, and nobody wants that to happen.

Note: also see the Inkscape app.

Dot Matrix - Thanks to: - @lainsce (Lains) on GitHub, as well as all the other contributors for creating Dot Matrix! - @Crilum on GitHub for creating the scripts and submitting the app to Pi-Apps.

The glyph playground of creativity from simple lines

Run from Menu: Menu -> Graphics -> Dot Matrix
Run from Terminal: flatpak run io.github.lainsce.DotMatrix

Drawing - Botspot

Simple program used to hand-draw png images.

To run: Menu -> Graphics -> Drawing
To run in terminal: drawing

Note: This serves a different purpose than Microsoft Paint. If you want a Paint-style tool, install Kolourpaint:
sudo apt install kolourpaint

GIMP - Made by The GIMP Team Added to Pi Apps by Lightstrike on Discord
Package app

Create images and edit photographs

GIMP stands for "GNU Image Manipulation Program".
Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done. You can further enhance your productivity with GIMP thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins.

To run: Menu -> Graphics -> GNU Image Manipulation Program
To run in terminal: gimp

Inkscape - 1Spinne in issue #1262
Package app

Popular free vector graphics editor

Whether you are an illustrator, designer, web designer or just someone who needs to create some vector imagery, Inkscape is for you!

Flexible drawing tools
Broad file format compatibility
Powerful text tool
Bezier and spiro curves

Note: Also see the Boxy SVG tool.

Kolourpaint - Botspot
Package app

An easy-to-use paint program.
KolourPaint is a simple painting program to quickly create raster images. It is useful as a touch-up tool and simple image editing tasks.
- Support for drawing various shapes: lines, rectangles, rounded rectangles, ovals and polygons
- Curves, lines and text
- Colour picker
- Selections
- Rotation, monochrome, redaction and other advanced effects
To run: Menu -> Graphics -> Kolourpaint
To run in terminal: kolourpaint

Lego Digital Designer - Botspot

Play with virtual Lego blocks and create your own plans!
This is Lego's official (discontinued) brick design program. With it, you can build your own sets within the editor and paint the pieces any color you wish.
Afterwards, you can generate step-by-step building plans and print them out. Or you could place your creation into a desert background and take a picture of it to share with friends.

This program runs extremely well on RPi. The only problem I (Botspot) could find was the sound effects don't work.

Pinta - Botspot
Package app

A powerful painting program including numberous adjustments, drawing tools, multiple layers, and a flexible interface.

To run: Menu -> Graphics -> Pinta
To run in a terminal: pinta

Shotwell - Botspot
Package app

Organize, edit, and publish your photos.
To run: Menu -> Graphics -> Shotwell
To run in terminal: shotwell



Takes a 3D model and slices it for use in a 3D printer.
To run: Menu -> Programming -> Ultimaker Cura
To run in a terminal: ~/Cura.AppImage

Eagle CAD - Botspot made this app.

Design printed circuit boards.
This is Eagle CAD's last 32-bit Linux release (7.7.0), emulated using Box86. Subsequent Eagle releases dropped 32-bit support.

To run: Menu -> Programming -> Eagle
To run in a terminal: eagle

Fritzing - theofficialgman for writing the install script

The Fritzing application is an Electronic Design Automation software with a low entry barrier, suited for the needs of makers and hobbyists.
It offers a unique real-life "breadboard" view, and a parts library with many commonly used high-level components. Fritzing makes it very easy to communicate about circuits, as well as to turn them into PCB layouts ready for production. 

To run: Menu -> Programming/Development -> Fritzing
To run in a terminal: Fritzing --parts $HOME/.local/share/fritzing/parts

LibreCAD - @Jai-JAP for adding this app to pi-apps
Package app

Open Source 2D-CAD
LibreCAD is a free Open Source CAD application for Windows, Apple and Linux. Support and documentation are free from our large, dedicated community of users, contributors and developers.

Documentation available at:

To run: Menu -> Graphics -> LibreCAD


Develop printed circuit boards.

MatterControl - Botspot and theofficialgman

MatterControl is an all-in-one program to create, edit, slice, and manage your 3D prints.
While not quite as popular as Cura or PrusaSlicer, this program offers features and supports printers that alternative programs don't.

To run: Menu -> Accessories -> MatterControl
To run in a terminal: mattercontrol
Please note that when the window first opens that it will be black. Resizing or maximizing the window will solve this problem.

Mission Planner - Botspot made this app.

Software used to control autonomous vehicles.
Mission Planner is a free, open-source ground station for communicating with autonomous aircraft, vehicles, or boats running Ardupilot firmware. It's used to monitor such vehicles, view logs, and create waypoint missions.


OpenSCAD is software for creating solid 3D CAD models.

Unlike most free software for creating 3D models, OpenSCAD does not focus on
the artistic aspects of 3D modelling but instead on the CAD aspects.
OpenSCAD is more suitable for creating 3D models of machine parts but
perhaps not when creating computer-animated movies.

OpenSCAD is not an interactive modeller. Instead OpenSCAD is something like
a 3D-compiler that reads in a script file that describes the object
and renders the 3D model from this script file. This gives designers
full control over the modelling process and enables them to easily
change any step in the modelling process or make designs that are
defined by configurable parameters.

To run: Menu -> Graphics -> OpenSCAD
To run in a terminal: OpenSCAD.AppImage


Takes a 3D model and slices it for use in a 3D printer.
To run: Menu -> Programming -> PrusaSlicer
To run in a terminal: ~/PrusaSlicer.AppImage


Amiberry - Program created by Dimitris Panokostas (midwan) on GitHub. Debian packages created by @ryanfortner (GitHub) Scripts created by @ryanfortner (GitHub)

Amiberry is a well-optimized, high-performance emulator for running Amiga games on low-power ARM boards like Raspberry Pi.

Run it via the main Menu > Games > Amiberry.

AstroMenace - All contributer in github page added to pi-apps by Painadath

Immerse into a decisive battle against tons of cunning foes, face the terrifying bosses and protect your homeland throughout 15 diverse levels of the game. The hardcore gameplay of AstroMenace, packed with pure non-stop action, will become a full scale test for your basic instinct of survival.

Celeste Classic

lemon32767 for the classic celeste port theofficialgman for better controller support additions and the pi-apps script Matt Thorson and Noel Berry for making the original game

This is a C source port of the original celeste (Celeste classic) for the PICO-8, designed to be portable.

This game can be played with controllers or with keyboard. The general mapping is found here:

To run: Menu -> Games -> Celeste Classic

Chiaki - Chiaki software implementation by Florian Märkl: Raspberry Pi fork implementation by Blueroom VR: Added to Pi-Apps by Markieautarkie:

Chiaki is a free and open source software client which enables PlayStation 4/5 remote play on the Raspberry Pi.

Chiaki wiki:
Pi fork wiki:

To run: Menu -> Games -> Chiaki
To run in a terminal: Chiaki/build/gui/chiaki

----- Usage -----
Once Chiaki is running, you can enter the settings menu (top right) to configure general/stream settings to your liking. Note that stream quality options are limited depending on your console. To connect and use a controller with Chiaki, please refer to the Pi fork wiki.
In most cases, Chiaki will automatically detect your console if it's turned on. Otherwise, you can add it manually by pressing the "+" icon (top right) and entering your console's IP address.

To finalize the registration, two more parameters need to be set.
PSN AccountID: In a terminal, enter "python3 Chiaki/" and follow the instructions.
Registration PIN:
On a PS4, go to: Settings -> Remote Play -> Add Device;
On a PS5, go to: Settings -> System -> Remote Play -> Link Device.

You can now double-click your console in Chiaki's main window to start remote play!

DDNet - Install Script made by Kolpix#1391 Thanks to Crilum on Github for helping

DDRaceNetwork is a 2D cooperative platformer experience. Work together with up to 64 people and push your way through maps.
You will see the best and worst in your teammates when they save you from certain death or leave you behind in the dust.
We've developed DDNet for over 7 years now and made it greater than ever!
It has been free-to-play and free-to-win since development started and will always stay free.
It's also open source, so everyone is invited to help improve it with great new ideas!

To run: Menu -> Games -> DDnet

If you want to host an online Server you have to activate Port Forwarding in your Router Settings. 
You have to create a Port Forwarding with the protocol udp and the Port of your Server (standard is 8303) 

Descent 1


D1X-Rebirth - source port of Descent: First Strike from 1995
This package installs the shareware version, if you own the full game you can copy the game data to ~/.d1x-rebirth directory (replacing existing files).
To run: Menu -> Games -> Descent 1
To run in a terminal: ~/.d1x-rebirth/d1x-rebirth-rpi -hogdir ~/.d1x-rebirth
To exit: select "Quit" in the game's main menu.

Descent 2

D2X-Rebirth - source port of Descent 2: Counterstrike from 1996
This package installs the shareware version, if you own the full game you can copy the game data to ~/.d2x-rebirth directory (replacing existing files).
To run: Menu -> Games -> Descent 2
To run in a terminal: ~/.d1x-rebirth/d1x-rebirth-rpi -hogdir ~/.d1x-rebirth
To exit: select "Quit" in the game's main menu.

Doom 3 - Script Created By RPI Coder Added To Pi apps by Botspot

Testers: Lukefrenner Botspot Nikolay Dubnov

Doom 3 is a 2004 horror first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Activision.
In this game a massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporation's (UAC) Mars Research Facility, leaving only chaos and horror in its wake.
As one of only a few survivors, you must fight your way to hell and back against a horde of evil monsters.

Friday Night Funkin' Rewritten - HTV04 For this Engine. LOVE2D devs AM7999#8935 For putting this up on Pi-Apps And ninjamuffin99 for the original Friday Night Funkin' Game

Friday Night Funkin’ is a musical rhythm game where you compete in freestyle music battles.
The father of your girlfriend is always a pain, because no matter what you do, you may never be good enough for his daughter. In Friday Night Funkin, you are the "Boyfriend", and this cliché comes together in a colorful and musical mash. The fun of Friday and the stress of meeting your significant other's father will make your knees shake and your heart tingle.

This version is entirely re-written in an engine called LOVE2D


To run: Menu -> Games -> Friday Night Funkin' Rewritten
To run in terminal: love $HOME/.love_games/friday_night_funkin_rewritten/

As this game is still a work in progress, some settings (like setting fullscreen mode) can only be changed via an ini file: ~/.local/share/love/funkin-rewritten/settings.ini

Godot - Credits to Irtexo for putting it on Pi-Apps. Credits to Hiulit for porting it to the Rpi. Credits to Juan Linietsky and Ariel Manzur for creating Godot.

Open Source Game Engine that runs fine on the Raspberry Pi (for 2d games).
For the export instructions for Raspberry Pi, go to the website.
This software will only run on the Raspberry Pi 4/Raspberry Pi 400.
GLES2 projects are recommended.
To run from GUI: Menu -> Programming -> Godot
To run in a terminal: ~/Godot/godot_3.4-stable_rpi4_editor_lto.bin

Heroes 2

Free implementation of Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine.
This package installs the shareware version, if you own the full game you can copy the game data to ~/.fheroes2 directory (replacing existing files).
To run: Menu -> Games -> Free Heroes 2
To run in a terminal: ~/.fheroes2/fheroes2-rpi

LineRider - Sussy-OS (rb24#0032), Cycool, and theofficialgman for writing the install script Sussy-OS (rb24#0032) for making it work on linux, o7Moon for special features, and Boštjan Čadež for the original game.

Draw a track for a sledder to ride on. Make it sync with music and share your work with friends!
This app, LineRider Community Edition, is a C# rewrite of the original flash game.

To run: Menu -> Games -> LineRider
To run in a terminal: mono ~/LineRider/linerider.exe

To view other's creations, go to or


https:// - Rak1ta on github for the install scripts theofficialgman for tweaking them and adding them to pi-apps The developers at

Marathon, Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity are single and online multiplayer old school 1st person shooter games.
Aleph One is the open source continuation of Bungie™’s Marathon® 2 game engine and played these games.
Many third party scenarios and net maps are also available. Available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.
This package includes the Marathon trilogy.

To run:
  Menu -> Games -> Marathon, Marathon 2, or Marathon Infinity

To run in a terminal: 
  /usr/local/bin/alephone ~/AlephOneData/Marathon/
  /usr/local/bin/alephone ~/AlephOneData/Marathon_2/
  /usr/local/bin/alephone ~/AlephOneData/Marathon_Infinity/

Minecraft Bedrock - Install script written by RaspberryPiNews on YT Appimage made by ChristopherHX on Github Program made by everyone at minecraft-linux on Github

Unofficial launcher for Minecraft Bedrock edition
NOTE: For better performance and smooth FPS, we recommend an older Bedrock version like 1.16.40 as it doesn't contain renderdragon or RTX code.

Run with the menu app "Minecraft Bedrock Launcher" or with the command "GALLIUM_HUD=simple,fps /opt/MCBedrock.AppImage"
 ∙ Sign in with a Google Play account with Minecraft purchased
 ∙ Active comunity to ask for help
 ∙ FPS Counter mod
 ∙ And much more!

Minecraft Java GDLauncher - theofficialgman

GDLauncher is simple, yet powerful Minecraft launcher with a strong focus on the user experience. Includes Microsoft, Mojang, and PC GamePass Account support as well as CurseForge Mod and Modpack installation. This is a CUSTOM BUILD of GDLauncher for ARM32/ARM64 support.

NOTE: The use of performance enhancing mods is highly encouraged, such as optifine with Optifabric and Fabric/Forge or Sodium/Lithium/Phosphor Fabric Mods.

To run: Menu -> Games -> GDLauncher
To run in a terminal: MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=3.3 gdlauncher

A custom meta repo is used for arm32/arm64 lwjgl 2.9.4, 3.1.2(fake), 3.1.6, 3.2.1, 3.2.2, and 3.3.1 native libraries. (
This supports all currently released versions of minecraft.

Note: GDLauncher github/discord does support this CUSTOM BUILD, any issues should be directed to the Pi-Apps Discord or Pi-Apps github issues.

Minecraft Java Lunar - Lunar Client is developed by MoonsworthLLC The ARM fork of Lunar Client is maintained by gl91306 on Github: ARM lwjgl2/3 libs from theofficialgman Install script written by RaspberryPiNews on Youtube/mobilegmYT on Github Scripts re-written by Botspot and theofficialgman

Lunar Client is an all-in-one modpack integrated Launcher available for ONLY popular versions of Minecraft 

This installs a fork of Lunar Client with patched dependencies for ARMhf/ARM64 support.

To run: Menu -> Games -> Lunar Client
To run in a terminal: ~/.local/bin/lunarclient.AppImage --no-sandbox

NOTE: For best performance, we recommend an older version of Minecraft like 1.12.2 or 1.8

Why lunar?
- It's easy to use and to setup.
- It supports Microsoft and Mojang accounts.
- This fork of Lunar for ARM automatically switches lwjgl2/3 libraries (for playing older versions)
- It's easy to install in a self contained AppImage.

Need help? Please open an issue on this repository:

Minecraft Java MultiMC5 - Install script written by theofficialgman based on the version for the L4T Megascript

CUSTOM BUILD of MultiMC5/Launcher code for ARMhf/ARM64 support. Includes Microsoft, Mojang, and PC GamePass Account support. This launcher allows you to easily manage multiple instances of minecraft and your mods at once.

NOTE: The use of performance enhancing mods is highly encouraged, such as optifine with Optifabric and Fabric/Forge or Sodium/Lithium/Phosphor Fabric Mods.

Minecraft Java MultiMC5 for the Raspberry Pi
To run: Menu -> Games -> MultiMC
To run in a terminal: ~/MultiMC/install/MultiMC

Link to the Raspberry Pi Forum Post:

The MultiMC5 Wiki can be found here:
If you need help installing Optifine:
How to choose the correct java version:

Ubuntu and Debian/Raspbian based systems supported. Includes automatic java LTS 8/11/17 installation.

MultiMC5 supports minecraft versions from the old beta/alphas all the way up to 1.19+. Fabric, Forge, and Quilt mod loading is fully supported.

A custom meta repo is used for arm32 and arm64 lwjgl 2.9.4, 3.1.2(fake), 3.1.6, 3.2.1, 3.2.2, and 3.3.1 native libraries. (
This supports all currently released versions of minecraft.

Note: MultiMC5 github/discord does support this CUSTOM BUILD, any issues should be directed to the Pi-Apps Discord, Forum Post, or Pi-Apps github issues.

Minecraft Java Server - Thanks to: Mojang for creating the Minecraft server. theofficialgman who wrote the script GYKGAMER for the initial idea/implementation Crilum for bugtesting

This is a simple tool to create a Minecraft server: Vanilla, Fabric, Forge, Paper, Bukkit, Spigot, Sponge, Purpur and Tuinity are supported

You can play over your local network (or you can create a port forward on your internet router/modem at port 25565 to play over the internet)

Minecraft Server for the Raspberry Pi
To run: Menu -> Games -> Minecraft Java Server
Attach to a server in the background with: screen -r Minecraft_Server
Detach from a running server session with: CTRL+A then D
To start from a terminal: sudo systemctl start minecraft-server
To stop the server: sudo systemctl stop minecraft-server
To start on automatically on boot and stop on shutdown: sudo systemctl enable minecraft-server

Refer to the ~/Minecraft-Java-Server/ file if you need to add custom JVM arguements

Temurin (Adoptium) or AdoptOpenJDK Java 8/16/17 apt repos are used in this installer for compatibility.

If you uninstall or update this app for whatever reason, your world, mod, and versions folder will remain in ~/Minecraft-Java-Server so there is no data loss.

Minecraft Pi (Modded) - Game mods made by TheBrokenRail#5376 on Discord

Ported to Pi-Apps by TheBrokenRail#5376 on Discord with a little help from Botspot.

A modded version of Minecraft: Pi Edition with things like survival mode, multiplayer support, and more!

To open the game: Menu > Games > Minecraft Pi (Modded)

Need help? Consider asking on MCPI Modded's Discord server instead:

WASD to move
Mouse to look around
F1 key to hide HUD
F5 to switch to 3rd person view

To make a crafting table, press "E" and then go to the Craft menu in the upper left-hand corner. Click on what you want to craft, then click the big button with all of the stuff needed to craft the item to craft it.
Mouse scroll doesn't exist, you need to use your mouse to drag stuff like the crafting menu.

Pac-Man - Pac-Man source code from ebuc99 on github

Pac-Man clone in SLD2 and C/C++
To run: Menu -> Games -> Pacman (SDL)
To run in a terminal: pacman

PPSSPP (PSP emulator) - Added to pi-apps by @ryanfortner (Github)

A PSP emulator that can run PSP games in full HD and can upscale textures also.

How to run: Menu > Games > PPSSPP

Project OutFox - All the hardworking stepmania contributors: Project OutFox contributors:

Project OutFox is a free BUT CLOSED SOURCE, cross-platform rhythm game. It is a fork of the OPEN SOURCE game, StepMania. It supports common key-based rhythm game formats (including 4-panel and 5-panel dance games among others), as well as keyboard and dance pad controllers.
It is customizable with user-made add-ons such as themes, and provides an integrated editor for creating your own simfiles.

Project OutFox only comes with a couple of songs, so you are expected to add your own content! There are multiple websites out there for hosting songpacks, here is one of them:
There are also official Project OutFox packs here:

To run: Menu -> Games -> Project OutFox
To run in a terminal: ~/ProjectOutFox/*/OutFox

How to customize Project OutFox (adding songpacks, theming, etc):

Your User Data folder is where you place custom content (like songpacks):

PyChess - Rak1ta Crilum

PyChess is a chess client for playing and analyzing chess games. It is intended to be usable both for those totally new to chess as well as advanced users who want to use a computer to further enhance their play.
When you get sick of playing computer players you can login to FICS (the Free Internet Chess Server) and play against people all over the world. PyChess has a built-in Timeseal client, so you won't lose clock time during a game due to lag. PyChess also has pre-move support, which means you can make (or start making) a move before your opponent has made their move.
PyChess has many other features including: - CECP and UCI chess engine support with customizable engine configurations - Polyglot opening book support - Hint and Spy move arrows.

To run: Menu -> Accessories -> pychess
To run in terminal: pychess

Shattered Pixel Dungeon - Evan Debenham for his work on Shattered Pixel Dungeon and keeping it Open Source Watabou for the original Pixel Dungeon and making it Open Source

Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a Roguelike Dungeon Crawler RPG with pixel art graphics.
Every game is a unique challenge, with four different playable characters, randomized levels and enemies, and hundreds of items to collect and use.
The game is simple to get into, but strategy is required if you want to win!

To run: Menu -> Games -> Shattered Pixel Dungeon

Saves and configs are stored in: ~/.local/share/.shatteredpixel/shattered-pixel-dungeon


This emulates the x86_32bit Linux version of Steam using Box86.
To run: Menu -> Games -> Steam

Package app

The Steam Link app brings desktop gaming to your Raspberry Pi. Just pair a controller to your device, connect to a computer running Steam on the same local network, and start playing your existing Steam games.
To run: Menu -> Games -> Steam Link
To run in a terminal: steamlink

StepMania - All the hardworking stepmania contributors:

StepMania is a free and open source, cross-platform rhythm game. It supports common key-based rhythm game formats (including 4-panel and 5-panel dance games among others), as well as keyboard and dance pad controllers.
It is customizable with user-made add-ons such as themes, and provides an integrated editor for creating your own simfiles.

Stepmania by default only comes with three songs, so you are expected to add your own content! There are multiple websites out there for hosting songpacks, here is one of them:

To run: Menu -> Games -> Stepmania
To run in a terminal: /usr/local/stepmania-5.1/stepmania

How to customize stepmania (adding songpacks, theming, etc):

Your User Data folder is where you place custom content (like songpacks):

Stunt Rally - Compiled and packaged into a deb by Itai-Nelken and ryanfortner. Added to pi-apps by Itai-Nelken.

Racing game with rally style driving, mostly on gravel.
WARNING: at least 2GB of free disk space is needed!

Pi-Apps automatically sets the game's settings for best performance. Feel free to experiment and find the best settings for you.

Stunt Rally features a rich variety of 172 tracks in 34 sceneries also on other planets.
Track difficulty ranges from short and easy, to very difficult stunt tracks including jumps, skewed loops, pipes winding in 3D, obstacles, or all of the above.
Vehicle options: 20 cars, 1 motorbike, 3 hovering spaceships and 1 bouncing sphere.
The latter provide a fast and easier gameplay on flat tracks.
Game modes include:
Single Race, Tutorials, Championships, Challenges, Multiplayer and Split Screen.
Also Replays and Ghost drive are present.
The Track Editor allows creating and modifying tracks. It uses a 3D spline generated road.

To run: Menu -> Games -> Stunt Rally
To run in terminal: stuntrally

To run track editor: Menu -> Games -> Stunt Rally Track Editor
To run in terminal: sr-editor

Tetris CLI - DEB packages hosted by ryanfortner

ASCII/CLI rendition of the Tetris game.

As one of the most recognizable and influential video game brands in the world, it’s no wonder why there are hundreds of millions of Tetris products being played, worn, and enjoyed by fans in their everyday lives. For over thirty-five years, the game and brand have truly transcended the barriers of culture and language, resulting in a fun and exciting playing experience for everyone, everywhere!

To run: Menu -> Games -> Tetris CLI
In terminal: tetris

Unciv - Added by Md. Touhidur Rahman Github: Website:

Temurin Installation Script by theofficialgman Github:

Enhanced Descriptions and Script Reviews by cycool29 Github:

Tested by Botspot Github:

An open-source, mod-friendly Android+Desktop remake of Civ V

A reimplementation of the most famous civilization-building game ever—fast,
small, no ads, free forever!

Build your civilization, research technologies, expand your cities and
defeat your foes!

To run: Menu -> Games -> Unciv

WorldPainter - Credits to Irtexo for creating the initial scripts. Credits to the worldpainter creators :

WorldPainter is an interactive map generator for Minecraft.
It allows you to "paint" landscapes using similar tools as a regular paint program.
Sculpt and mould the terrain, paint materials, trees, snow and ice, etc. onto it, and much more.


Angry IP scanner - @Itai-Nelken (GitHub) @ryanfortner (GitHub)

Scans local networks as well as Internet
IP Range, Random or file in any format.
Exports results into many formats,
Extensible with many data fetchers,
Provides command-line interface,
Free and open-source.

Warning, using this improperly may get you in a lot of trouble. Be sure you're within legal limits.

AnyDesk - @fabianmendes just brought it to the pi-apps.

AnyDesk is the ultimate remote desktop solution for editing and maintaining a desktop or server from a remote location using Linux on Raspberry Pi.
Enjoy smooth and seamless remote operation of external computer systems.

AnyDesk is free for private use and offers flexible license models for organizations.

Run from Menu -> Internet -> AnyDesk
Run from Terminal: anydesk

CloudBuddy - Botspot made, Botspot added.

CloudBuddy is the ultimate wizard for cloud storage. Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, and many more.
Botspot made this gui frontend for the popular rclone tool to connect to your cloud drives, download from them, upload to them, mount them to your file manager, and more. In addition, CloudBuddy features an interactive file browser to easily generate shareable links and to perform various server-side operations.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> CloudBuddy
To run in terminal: ~/cloudbuddy/

Deluge - Botspot
Package app

Lightweight BitTorrent client
Use this to download torrent files from the Internet. For example, you can download a Torrent version of Raspberry Pi OS.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Deluge
To run in a terminal: deluge-gtk

Also see the Transmission app.
Note: Torrents can contain illegal material, like pirated movies or cracked games. You use Deluge at your own risk.

Deskreen - Thanks to pavlobu and all contibuters for developing Deskreen. Thanks to Crilum on GitHub for making the scripts. Thanks to ryanfortner on GitHub for having and hosting the debs!

Share your desktop to your browser, and turn any device into a second screen!

How to run: Menu -> Programming -> Deskreen
or run from your Terminal: deskreen

Filezilla - Botspot
Package app

Download and upload files via FTP, FTPS, and HTTP
This all allows you to connect to file-sharing servers on your home network or on the world wide web.
To run: Menu -> Internet -> Filezilla
To run in terminal: filezilla
Note: For more cloud-storage, see the CloudBuddy app.

HTTrack Website Copier - Thanks to: - Xavier Roche and all contributors for creating HTTrack! - Thanks to Crilum on GitHub for adding HTTrack to Pi-Apps!
Package app

HTTrack is a free and easy-to-use offline browser utility.

It allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online. HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupted downloads. HTTrack is fully configurable, and has an integrated help system. 

This will also install WebHTTrack, which is a graphical version of HTTrack that uses a locally served website as a GUI.

To run HTTrack:
Run from Terminal: httrack

To run WebHTTrack (graphical version of HTTrack):
Run from Terminal: webhttrack
Run from Menu: Menu -> Internet -> WebHTTrack Website Copier

Lokinet - This application is a product of ongoing research and various tool development of the Oxen Privacy Tech Foundation.

Lokinet is a privacy focused network anyone can access using the latest in decentralized onion routing technology.

Lokinet requires no internet IP Address but instead provides it's own network addresses which can be either ephemeral, persistent or personalized depending on the users desired application. Information is onion routed through a globally distributed network of over one thousand nodes.

Hosting on Lokinet is quite easy and allows users to instantly create static addresses that can be privately accessed remotely over the internet for hosting their own online content. Using a Lokinet "SNApp" alleviates many of the challenges associated with hosting when it comes to configuring ports on a network. WIth SNApps there are no ports to forward. SNApps can be easily hosted on as little as an SBC inside a network and privately accessible anywhere in the world. SNApps also can hosted on a VPN using webservers such as Nginx, Apache, python etc. thereby allowing private anonymized global access your own personal content or sharing content privately among other users of the network. Web based applications such as IRC, Mumble, PeerTube, Pleroma, forums, streaming content etc. are all supportable through the network. The location and origin of the server is hidden and users anonymized while additionally the server can be secured in traditional ways. One can also register custom domains if they so choose to but this is not required to immediately generate a static address.

Users wishing to access the regular internet anonymously need not pay for access to use Lokinet but may chose to subscribe to an exit provider should they wish to enhance anonymous access the internet through such a provider. Additionally the network generally has free exit nodes available offered through individuals providing voluntary support to the network.

Currently the Oxen Privacy Tech Foundation offers free Lokinet exit node access at address "exit.loki". A wiki for Lokinet is located at

Persepolis Download Manager

Persepolis is a Download Manager and a GUI For aria2. 

It's written in Python. Persepolis is a Sample of Free and open source software. It's developed For GNU/Linux Distributions, BSDs, macOS and Microsoft Windows. 


Test your internet speed from a terminal!
Are you familiar with This tool is created by the same team.
This version is much newer than the speedtest-cli package available in the repositories.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Run Speedtest
To run in a terminal: speedtest

TeamViewer - Benmac83 on the Botspot discord server, GYKGamer on GitHub for the heads up on the client/host preview, and theofficialgman for the scripts

Remote desktop server and client software.
To run: Menu -> Internet -> TeamViewer
To run in terminal: teamviewer
If you get an error running it from command line follow the instructions it gives you. They're very simple to follow.

Transmission - Botspot
Package app

Lightweight BitTorrent client
Use this to download torrent files from the Internet. For example, you can download a Torrent version of Raspberry Pi OS.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Transmission

Also see the Deluge app.
Note: Torrents can contain illegal material, like pirated movies or cracked games. You use Transmission at your own risk.

Web Apps - Phoenixbyrd for making it install successfully Botspot made the app.

Run websites as if they were apps.
This is Linux Mint's official Web Apps program. Using it, you can run any website as a standalone app.

If there are multiple browsers installed on the system, Web Apps will let you choose which one to use. It also lets you select an icon, menu category, and text label. When finished, a new button will appear in the main menu.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Web Apps
To run in a terminal: webapp-manager

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager is a powerful tool to increase download speed up-to 500%, save and convert streaming videos from thousands of websites, resume broken/dead downloads and schedule downloads.

XDM seamlessly integrates with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Quantum, Opera, Vivaldi and many popular browsers, to take over downloads and saving streaming videos from web.

XDM has built in video converter which lets you convert downloaded videos to popular MP4 and MP3 formats.

Support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DASH, HLS, HDS protocols, firewalls, proxy servers, PAC scripts, file redirects, cookies, authorization, download queue, scheduler and many more feature makes XDM a very useful tool


Better Chromium


Make the most of your browser.
This is a collection of improvements for various aspects of Chromium.
A window will appear with options. Feel free to pick and choose what you want, and uninstall this app to revert all changes.
Be sure to close Chromium and re-launch it for the changes to take effect.

- Dark mode for user interface
- Dark mode for all websites
- Change UI scale (make everything larger)
- Tab Previews (hover your mouse over a tab to see the page contents)
- Google Chrome Sync
- Widevine DRM support (for protected media like Netflix or Spotify)
- Performance Improvements (Faster loading and scrolling)
- Reduce writes to the SD card (Uses RAM for cache)

With the exception of Widevine, this script simply adds files to the /etc/chromium.d folder, most of which will add command-line flags to Chromium as it launches. Feel free to inspect the script to see how each of these features works.


The modern text-based terminal browser.
Browsh is a modern text-based browser for the terminal. It renders anything that a modern browser can; HTML5, CSS3, JS, video and even WebGL. Its main purpose is to be run on a remote server and accessed via SSH/Mosh or the in-browser HTML service in order to significantly reduce bandwidth and thus both increase browsing speeds and decrease bandwidth costs.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Browsh
To run in a terminal: browsh

NOTE: This will also install firefox-esr


Package app

Open-source version of Google Chrome.
If you are using Raspberry Pi OS, this browser has been optimized by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to include hardware acceleration and other various performance improvements.

To play Netflix, Spotify, or other protected multimedia streams, see the Chromium Widevine app.
To install an older version of Chromium, see the Downgrade Chromium app.
To improve Chromium with features such as Google sync, dark mode, performance improvements, and reducing SD card writes, see the Better Chromium app.

Downgrade Chromium

Change Chromium versions easily.
Chromium 65, 72, 74, 78, 84, 86, 88, 92, and 95.
Uninstall the app to go back to the latest Chromium version available.
Beware that downgrading Chromium versions can mess up your config folder. To be safe, this app makes a backup of Chromium's config folder. When uninstalling, you will have the opportunity to restore the backup config folder.
Using older browser versions can be a security risk, proceed with caution.

All deb files are downloaded from

Epiphany - open-sorcerrer64
Package app

Epiphany is a lightweight web browser based on the WebKit rendering engine. It is also known as GNOME Web.

Epiphany is the default web browser for GNOME desktop and elementary OS. Epiphany was the default web browser for Raspberry Pi OS (then, Raspbian) until 28th Sep 2016, when ditched for chromium. 

To run: Menu  -> Internet -> Epiphany Web Browser

Firefox Rapid Release - Scripts made by chunky-milk Added to Pi-Apps by Tejas Singh YT Original Web-Browser made by Mozilla Foundation.

Latest stable Mozilla Firefox version available. (Downloaded from Ubuntu Repo)
Mozilla Firefox, is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Firefox Web Browser
To run in terminal: firefox

Flow - Botspot

High-performance browser built from the ground up without relying on Chromium.
This is a closed source web browser specifically designed for running on the Raspberry Pi platform. It makes extensive usage of the GPU, and it outperforms many faster computers on the same benchmark.

This is a preview version, and you are bound to find places where it does not work well. Javascript support is still buggy, and other features are missing. But when Flow Browser works, the result is impressive.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Flow Browser
To run in a terminal: flow

Min - @ryanfortner (GitHub)

A fast, minimal browser that protects your privacy.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Min
To run in terminal: min

Pale Moon - Botspot

A distant fork of Firefox, this is a lightweight and customizable web browser.
Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built
from its own, independently developed source that has been forked off from
Mozilla's code a number of years ago, with carefully selected
features and optimizations to improve the browser's stability and user
experience, while offering full customization and a growing collection of
extensions and themes to make the browser truly your own.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Pale Moon
To run in terminal: palemoon

Puffin - Botspot added this app to Pi-Apps.

Speeds up web browsing thanks to cloud servers.
This web browser uses cloud servers to load websites for you, instead of making your Pi do it all.
Result: a claimed 1600% browsing speed increase.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Puffin Internet Terminal (Demo)
To run in a terminal: puffin-internet-terminal-demo


A useful fast Web Browser for Windows and Linux written in pyqt5 webkit.

This browser is aimed at ease of use, faster page loading, very short startup time.

This has minimal settings to avoid confusion.Yet it has most useful settings, such as load images on/off, javascript on/off, change font.

To save pages to read later, print feature can be used to save as pdf. And it can also export the whole page as png image.


The Tor Browser is a web broswer that anonymizes your web traffic using the Tor network, making it easy to protect your identity online.

Vivaldi - Big thanks to chunky-milk for app idea and install script:

Icon, description, and everything else required by pi-apps by Itai-Nelken

Fast, private browser with unique features.

Official Vivaldi browser for ARM Linux.


ArmCord - @ryanfortner (GitHub)

ArmCord is a custom client designed to enhance your Discord experience while keeping everything lightweight.

Run from the Menu > Internet > ArmCord, or simply run `armcord` in a terminal.


Caprine is an unofficial and privacy focused Facebook Messenger app with many useful features. 
Built with Electron, Caprine features a Dark mode, keyboard shortcuts, ability to toggle last seen/typing indicators, work chat support, code blocks, custom text size, and an interface that adapts to resizing windows.

Caprine is a third-party app and is not affiliated with Facebook. 

Cawbird - IBBoard for continuously developing Cawbird.

Cawbird is a fork of the Corebird GTK Twitter client that continues to work with Twitter.

Cawbird works with the new APIs and includes a few fixes and modifications that have historically been patched in to IBBoard's custom Corebird build on his personal Open Build Service account.

Discord - Discord app by SpacingBat3

Fast Discord client for ARM that mimics the official Discord client.
The app runs independent to chromium and can be hidden to the system tray unlike other solutions out there.
To run: Menu -> Internet -> WebCord.
To run in a terminal: webcord
This client is not officially provided or supported by Discord and technically violates ToS, use at your own risk
Made by SpacingBat3 on Github with care :)

Email Checker

Continuously checks for new emails and display a notification if there are any.
When you click install, a window will appear for you to enter the email account's information and the time interval to check.
If you want to change the settings later, just click the Install button again.
Originally adapted from:

Microsoft Teams - @IsmaelMartinez on GitHub for the creation of the app.

Microsoft Teams is a proprietary business communication platform developed by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. 
Teams primarily competes with the similar service Slack, offering workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration. 

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Teams

Build with nativefier. 


Telegram is a free and open source, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging software. This service also provides end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing and several other features. 

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Telegram Desktop
To run from terminal: telegram-desktop

Thunderbird - Botspot
Package app

Email client with many features like a tabbed interface, smart spam filter, address book, search and filter tools, encryption, and numerous add-ons.
To run: Menu -> Internet -> Thunderbird
To run in a terminal: thunderbird

Wechat - Install script written by RaspberryPiNews on YT With help from chills340 on Discord Script edits made by Botspot. Botspot was unable to login and test everything though.

WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose instant messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. 

It was first released in 2011, it became the world's largest standalone mobile app in 2018, with over 1 billion monthly active users.
WeChat provides text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, video conferencing, video games, sharing of photographs and videos and location sharing.

WeChat Desktop App:
- Run with box86 and wine
- Smooth performance
- Everything from gifs to emojis to images all work

To run: Menu -> Internet -> WeChat


no website - Apps compiled using Nativefier and DEB packages hosted by cycool29 Nativefier made by jiahaog. Thanks to Botspot for help with debugging the menu shortcut and for creating pi-apps!

Nativefier Whatsapp Web webapp

A simple Whatsapp Web chromium webapp wrapped in electron with nativefier.
it has a tray icon, so it doesn't take space on the taskbar, but keeps running in the background.

To run:
menu>internet>Whatsapp Web


Zoom video calls on the Raspberry Pi.
This is the full desktop app, so you can do virtual backgrounds and Gallery View!
This works by running the 32-bit x86 Zoom Linux app inside the box86 emulator.
Performance is good enough on the Pi4. Turning off HD video in Zoom's settings is recommended.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Zoom
To run in a terminal: ~/zoom/

Zoom PWA - Botspot

Web-app for Zoom
This is basically a web browser running Zoom's new Progressive Web App. Performance is better in some ways and worse in others.
This app should be considered a backup option, only used if the regular Zoom app doesn't work at all.
Both versions can be installed at the same time and will not interfere with each another.

Note: this app requires you to have chromium-browser, chromium, or google-chrome installed. Let us know if your Chromium-based browser is not detected by the script.

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Zoom PWA
To run in a terminal: cat ~/.local/share/applications/chrome-gbmplfifepjenigdepeahbecfkcalfhg-Zoom-PWA.desktop | grep Exec | sed 's/Exec=//g' | bash


Audacious - Botspot
Package app

Lightweight but flexible audio player
This is a playlist-style audio player, allowing you to drag folders and files to the list. It includes numerous audio effects, visualizations, and skins - even several Winamp ones!
To run: Menu -> Sound & Video -> Audacious
To run in a terminal: audacious

Audacity - Botspot
Package app

Easy-to-use audio editor with numerous features
Supports live-recording, import/export, editing, effects, plugins, visualizations, keyboard shurtcuts, and much more.
To run: Menu -> Sound & Video -> Audacity
To run in a terminal: audacity
Also see MuseScore2 and Sonic-Pi

Bongo Cam - Install code made by Raspberry Pi News on Youtube Original app made by kuromi:

If you want to make a video but don't want to show your face, why not use this animated cat program?
This app displays a cat. It can type on the keyboard or move the mouse. It mirrors your mouse movements.

Default keyboard shortcuts: Z and X to tap on the keyboard, C to wear sunglasses, and V to wave.

Go here for configuration options:
NOTE: The app files are stored in ~/bongocam/

Chromium Widevine

Widevine DRM support for any version of chromium-browser.
This adds ChromeOS's Widevine video decoding library to Chromium, and creates a second menu button with a ChromeOS user-agent. All websites will think your Pi is a Chromebook!
Unlike Ventz's Chromium Media Edition, or even the official libwidevinecdm0 package, this app is unique to support all versions of Chromium, before version 84 and after version 84. Feel free to downgrade your browser for better video performance! (Using the "Downgrade Chromium" app)

To run: Menu -> Internet -> Chromium Widevine.
To test DRM:
For normal browsing, it's advisable to use the standard Chromium launcher.

This is known to work on these websites:
• Netflix
• Hulu
• Amazon Prime
• Disney+
• Spotify
• Pandora
• Hoopla
• BritBox
• Bell Satellite TV

FreeTube - Installation Script and added to Pi-Apps by RPICoder

Privacy-friendly YouTube player.
Use YouTube without advertisements and prevent Google from tracking you with their cookies and JavaScript.

FreeTube has an interface similar to YouTube, but is slower and more innefficient than YouTubuddy. Try both and see which one you prefer!
Disabling the compositor improves playback performance.

Kodi - Botspot

Kodi is the ultimate entertainment center.
Kodi excels at:
- Movies
- TV Shows
- Music
- Photos
- Games
- Skins and add-ons
- Controllable with mouse, keyboard, web interface, smartphone apps, game controllers, and TV remotes

To run: Menu -> Sound & Video -> Kodi
To run in a terminal: kodi

To make this run on startup, consider using the Autostar app.

LMMS - Thanks to: - the LMMS community for developing LMMS - @Crilum on GitHub for adding LMMS to Pi-Apps
Package app

LMMS (Let’s Make Music) is a free, open-source and cross-platform software for making music on your computer, made by musicians, for musicians. It comes with a user-friendly and modern interface.

LMMS also comes with playback instruments, samples, and plugins. It is bundled with ready-to-use content such as a collection of instrument and effect plugins, presets and samples to VST and SoundFont support.

 - Compose music on Windows, Linux and macOS
 - Sequence, compose, mix and automate songs in one simple interface
 - Note playback via MIDI or typing keyboard
 - Consolidate instrument tracks using Beat+Bassline Editor
 - Fine tune patterns, notes, chords and melodies using Piano Roll Editor
 - Full user-defined track-based automation and computer-controlled automation sources
 - Import of MIDI files and Hydrogen project files

MuseScore - Botspot
Package app

Professional music notation software
To run: Menu -> Sound & Video -> MuseScore 2
To run in terminal: mscore

OBS Studio - Install script made by Botspot and RPICoder :)

Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

To run: Menu -> Sound & Video -> OBS Studio
To run in a terminal: obs

Reaper - Thanks to @Crilum on GitHub for adding this app to Pi-Apps

REAPER is a complete digital audio production application for computers, offering a full multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering toolset.
REAPER supports a vast range of hardware, digital formats and plugins, and can be comprehensively extended, scripted and modified.

REAPER's full, flexible feature set and renowned stability have found a home wherever digital audio is used: commercial and home studios, broadcast, location recording, education, science and research, sound design, game development, and more.

From mission-critical professional environments to students' laptops, there is a single version of REAPER, fully featured with no artificial limitations. You can evaluate REAPER in full for 60 days. A REAPER license is affordably priced and DRM-free.

This is a free 60-day trial of Reaper (Nothing disabled).
This app installs Reaper, as well as ReaPack, the (unofficial) Reaper Package Manager, with over 1300 Plugins/Extentions available.

To run from Teminal: reaper
To run from Menu: Menu -> Sound and Video -> Reaper 
To run ReaPack: Open Reaper, go to the "Extentions" menu, and hover over the "ReaPack" item.

Renoise (Demo) - Thanks to: - Renoise developer for making Renoise, and providing Raspberry Pi builds! - @Crilum on GitHub for adding teh app to Pi-Apps

Renoise is a cross-platform Digital Audio Workstation with a unique top-down approach to music composition known as a tracker interface.

Already known to be a very feature-complete software, version 3 improves on core features such as the native sampler and instrument. 

This version is only a demo, you can buy the full version at:
Renoise Demo Restrictions

 · No ASIO support on Windows
 · Rendering to .wav is disabled
 · Rendering/resampling selections is disabled
 · Rendering/freezing plugin instruments to samples is disabled
 · Nag screens
 · As ReWire Master, only the first stereo input bus will be available
 · As ReWire Slave, Renoise will occasionally generate a small subtle hiss

To Run from Menu: Menu -> Sound and Video -> Renoise
To run in Terminal: renoise

SimpleScreenRecorder - App Made by: MaartenBaert Suggestion from Kolpix
Package app

Feature-rich screen recorder for X11 and OpenGL
Simple Screen Recorder is, despite its name, an actually feature-rich screen recorder. The name reflects the fact that it is simple to use unlike many other free screen recording applications available. It can be easily configured to start recording from an intuitive wizard-like interface.

It can record the entire screen or part of it directly.  The recording can be paused and resumed at any time. Many different file formats and codecs are supported. To perform an X11 recording, all it takes is selecting an area on the root window with the mouse, choosing an output file and pressing record, either by using the mouse or using a hotkey.

It has a Qt-based graphical user interface.

Its complexity becomes apparent in its powerful features. It allows one to record X11 screen areas and fullscreen OpenGL applications including sound supporting both ALSA, PulseAudio, JACK and OSS. It uses libavformat to encode the recorded material into a variety of video formats. Scaling the recorded video is possible as well as configuring the encoding quality for the codec chosen directly from the user interface.

Sonic Pi

Write code to make music. Latest version of Sonic Pi.

To run: Menu -> Programming -> Sonic Pi
To run in a terminal: sonic-pi

WACUP (new WinAmp) - Botspot for the scripts ralf1307 (github) issue #192 for the suggestion.

Cross-platform audio player - emulated Windows app

Waveform - Thanks to @Crilum on GitHub for adding this app to Pi-Apps!

Waveform is a proprietary Digital Audio Workstation specializing in creative and inspirational workflows.

Waveform is a rapidly evolving application specifically designed for the needs of modern music producers. Specializing in creative and inspirational workflows and avoiding features not explicitly needed allow the app to remain surprisingly fun and intuitive.

This is a 90-day free trial of Waveform, but you can get a free licence by creating an account at Once you have an account, you can use it to activate Waveform.
This app will also work with Pro licenses.

To run from Menu: Menu -> Sound and Video -> Waveform 11
To run from Terminal: Waveform11

YouTubuddy - Botspot added this to Pi-Apps.

Simple YouTube search engine, downloader and player.
- No web browser required! Easily search for videos and play them with a few clicks.
- Extremely lightweight - one bash script.
- Perfect for downloading/playing batches of videos with a few clicks.
- Supports searches, playlist URLs, and direct YouTube links. In addition, this supports URLs to many other video sites for easy downloading.


AbiWord - open-sorcerer64
Package app

A free and open-source alternative to Microsoft Word.  

AbiWord is a lightweight word processor compatible with a wide variety of file formats. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Microsoft Word or Libre Office's Writer, but it is more than enough for the average user.
The source code is available at

NOTE: AbiWord uses .abw extension by default.

To run: Menu -> Office -> Abiword.
To run in terminal:  abiword.

Libreoffice MS theme - Botspot made this script and theme.

Make Libreoffice to look like Microsoft office - icon theme and tabbed interface.
The icon theme was obtained from here:
And the tabbed interface is a hidden feature within Libreoffice.
Currently, the tabbed interface works for Calc, Impress, and Writer. Base and Math don't support it, and it doesn't display correctly on Draw for some reason.

LibreOffice - Botspot
Package app

Free office suite including a word editor, slideshow, spreadsheet, database, and image editor
To run: Menu -> Office -> LibreOffice
To run in terminal: libreoffice
To make it look and feel like Microsoft Office, see the "Libreoffice MS Theme" app!

NixNote2 - Botspot
Package app

Take notes, organize your schedule, and save websites with this offline and open-source Evernote client.
To run: Menu -> Internet -> NixNote2
To run in a terminal: nixnote2

Notejot - Thanks to: - @lainsce on GitHub for creating the app! - @Crilum on GitHub for adding this app to Pi-Apps

A minimalist note-taking app with Markdown support

Run from Menu: Menu -> Accessories -> Notejot
Run from Terminal: flatpak run io.github.lainsce.Notejot

WPS Office - Botspot figured out how to install WPS Office on PiOS64. (dependency handling) Botspot figured out how to install WPS Office on PiOS32. (chroot setup)

This is a Chinese clone of Microsoft Office.
It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, a PDF viewer, and a web browser. It appears to be free software and you don't need to create an account to use it.
Compared to LibreOffice, WPS Office runs faster, looks better, and seems to be more stable.

This script will prevent the program from connecting to the Internet, just in case it contains telemetry or spyware.

To run: Menu -> Office -> WPS Office
To run in a terminal: it depends! Please read the information below.

This app installs differently, depending on if you are using a 32-bit OS or a 64-bit OS.
If you are using a 32-bit OS:
- You will have to enable the 64-bit kernel. Don't worry, enabling it will not harm your OS - you probably won't even notice.
- A 64-bit Debian Bullseye chroot will be created. (/opt/wps-office-chroot)
- The total installation will take 2.1GB of space.
- To run in a terminal: schroot -c wps-office-chroot -- wps
- If you trust WPS Office and want to use its Internet features, then run this command: sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /opt/wps-office-chroot/etc/resolv.conf

If you are using a 64-bit OS:
- WPS will be directly installed with apt.
- The total installation will take 1.3GB of space.
- To run in a terminal: wps
- If you trust WPS Office and want to use its Internet features, edit the menu button and get rid of the "firejail --net=none" part.



Latest version of Arduino IDE. Not outdated like the repository's Arduino IDE.
Use this to flash your code to Arduino microprocessors.
To run: Menu -> Programming -> Arduino IDE.
To run in a terminal: /home/pi/arduino-1.8.13/arduino

BlockPi - Botspot made the app's install scripts

Create python programs using drag-n-drop blocks
A visual programming editor app for Raspberry Pi, built on Google Blockly, made for RPi users or kids to learn coding.

To run: Menu -> Programming -> BlockPi
To run in a terminal: /opt/BlockPi/blockpi

BlueJ Java IDE - open-sorcerer64
Package app

A simple but powerful Java IDE.

BlueJ is an integrated development environment for the Java programming language, developed mainly for educational purposes.

To run: Menu -> Programming -> BlueJ Java IDE


A free note-taking software for programmers and Computer Science students.

To run: Menu -> Accessories -> Codex

Electron Fiddle - Thanks to: - All contributers to Electron, and Electron Fiddle. - Crilum on GitHub for making the scripts.

Electron Fiddle lets you create and play with small Electron experiments. 

It greets you with a quick-start template after opening – change a few things, choose the version of Electron you want to run it with, and play around.
Then, save your Fiddle either as a GitHub Gist or to a local folder.
Once pushed to GitHub, anyone can quickly try your Fiddle out by just entering it in the address bar.

Run from menu: Menu -> Accesories -> Electron Fiddle
Run from Terminal: electron-fiddle

Github-CLI - Added to pi-apps by Itai-Nelken

gh is GitHub on the command line.
It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code.

to run (terminal only): gh

Github Desktop - Added to pi-apps and compiled by theofficialgman

Github Desktop is a GUI git client.
Focus on what matters instead of fighting with Git. Whether you're new to Git or a seasoned user, GitHub Desktop simplifies your development workflow.

Run from Menu: Menu -> Accessories -> Github Desktop
Run from Terminal: github-desktop

Intellij IDEA - Thanks to GlacierPark19 for suggesting this app be added. Botspot made it.

IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE designed to maximize developer productivity.
It does the routine and repetitive tasks for you by providing clever code completion, static code analysis, and refactorings, and lets you focus on the bright side of software development, making it not only productive but also an enjoyable experience.

jGRASP IDE - Botspot made this app.

An IDE with visualizations for improving software comprehensibility.
This IDE is used by many learning institutions and colleges for their classes.

Mu - Botspot
Package app

A simple Python editor for beginner programmers.
This is probably the simplest Python code editor available, with an intuitive UI designed to make sense on first run. Mu is the recommended Python IDE by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Notepad ++ - App added to pi-apps by RPICoder

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. 
To Run:  Menu -> Accessories -> Notepad++

This app runs with the help of box86 and wine.

Processing IDE - added by pi-dev500 updated by theofficialgman

Simple Java IDE
Processing 4 is an IDE + Programming Language used for Visual Arts.
It is an Open-Source and Free Software (FOSS) which is built from Java and is used to create graphics.

To run: Menu -> Programming -> Processing IDE
To run in a terminal: ~/.local/share/processing-*/processing

Pycharm CE - Thanks to gam3t3chelectronicshobbyhouse a.k.a 'Gam3t3ch' for "Installing PyCharm on Raspberry Pi 4" from element14. Also, fabianmendes for introducing it into pi-apps.

Python Community Edition IDE for Professional and Educational Developers.
To run: Menu -> Programming -> Pycharm Community Edition
To run in a terminal: /opt/pycharm-community/bin/

You must configure the IDE to run each script ("py" file), or create a new environment.
For Educational purposes, the "EDUtools" plugin can be installed. Go to the right corner from the Pycharm start up portal: Configurate > Plugins > Search for: EDUtools > Install it and restart the IDE. Then you will able to select "Learn and Teach" for courses.

Remarkable - Added to Pi-Apps by Itai-Nelken. Thanks to seiferteric on GitHub for providing the DEB package fix.

A fully featured Markdown editor for Linux.
Remarkable has many features including:
- Live Preview with Synchronized Scrolling
- Syntax Highlighting
- GitHub Flavored Markdown Support
- HTML and PDF Export
- Dialogs for adding images, links and tables
- Styles
- Custom CSS Support
- Keyboard Shortcuts

Scratch 2 - Botspot

Scratch 2 was removed from RPiOS in January. Install it back with this app!
Scratch 2 is significantly faster than Scratch 3. It uses far less CPU, and generally will run better than Scratch 3 on older Pies.
To run: Menu -> Programming -> Scratch 2.
To run in a terminal: scratch2

Scratch 3 - Botspot
Package app

Enjoy learning computer programming with drag-n-drop blocks!
This is Raspberry Pi's official electron build of Scratch 3 and it runs offline.
To run: Menu -> Programming -> Scratch 3
To run in a terminal: /usr/lib/scratch3/scratch-desktop
Note: Consider trying Turbowarp or Scratch 2 - both run faster than this version.

Sphero SDK - Sphero SDK maintainers zShqdows (GitHub) ryanfortner (GitHub) for some improvements

Software Development Kit for the Sphero RVR Robot

This app can be used with the Sphero RVR Robot to code IR sensors, color sensors, LEDS, and much more, even programming servo's, and robotics arms to pick up and move items to another location.

To run this app: Most of the Instructions are provided after install. 
Make sure to do - cd ~/sphero-sdk-raspberrypi-python/


After reading the instructions, and rebooting, connecting to RVR is simple, using jumper wires, 
Connect GND from the Raspberry Pi to GND on RVR.
Connect TX from the Raspberry Pi to RX on RVR.
Lastly, connect RX from the Raspberry Pi to TX on the RVR.

There you go! You are now ready to run your programs.

StackEdit - Added to pi-apps by Itai-Nelken. webapps compiled by Itai-Nelken using nativefier. nativefier by jiahaog.

Full-featured, open-source Markdown editor.
StackEdit uses the same markdown library as Stack Overflow and is fully compatible with Github files as well.
This is Botspot's preferred tool to write the README for all his repositories.
To run: Menu -> Programming -> StackEdit
To run in a terminal: ~/stackedit/StackEdit

Sublime Text - Added to pi-apps by Itai Nelken

Cross-platform source code editor with a Python application programming interface.
It natively supports many programming languages and markup languages. Additional features can be added with plugins.

To run: Menu -> Programming -> Sublime Text

On armhf based Operating Systems, this runs Sublime Text 2 with the Box86 emulator.
However on arm64 based Operating Systems this runs the latest Sublime Text 4 without any emulation.

Turbowarp - App added to pi-apps by Raspberry Pi News (

Made by the TurboWarp dev team (

Scratch 3 Desktop, but runs much faster. Also known as 'TurboWarp'
TurboWarp is a Scratch mod that compiles projects to JavaScript to make them run really fast. Also has dark mode, addons, and more. It even works when you're offline, just like the original Scratch Desktop.

To run: Menu -> Programming -> TurboWarp

Visual Studio Code - Install script written by RaspberryPiNews on YT Small change to description by CleanMachine1 Original program made by Microsoft

Visual Studio Code is a free source-code editor made by Microsoft.
Features include support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git
It supports most popular coding languages including Python, JavaScript, and more.
Note: If you are using Raspberry Pi OS, you don't need to install this app. Just run "sudo apt install code" in the terminal. Pi-Apps will still continue to ship VSCode so that non-PiOS users can still have access to it.

VSCodium - Added to pi-apps by @ryanfortner (Github)

Visual Studio Code builds without the telemetry and tracking.
Microsoft's vscode source code is open source (MIT-licensed), but the product available for download (Visual Studio Code) is licensed under this not-FLOSS license and contains telemetry/tracking.

System Management

All Is Well

ALL IS WELL is a bash script that allows users to easily update and upgrade their repositories and packages on linux.
It will also fix any broken packages and dependencies. Forget about typing all update/upgrade commands  manually, when ALL IS WELL!

Autostar - Botspot made, Botspot added.

Simple utility to make programs run on boot. The sky's the limit.
People use this to:
- Launch a website automatically, on boot.
- Start a backup.
- Launch your favorite apps on boot so they are ready to use sooner.
- See what other apps have added autostart entries, and customize/disable them.

To run: Menu -> Preferences -> AutoStar
To run in terminal: ~/autostar/


BleachBit is a free and open-source disk space cleaner, privacy manager, and computer system optimizer. Not outdated like the APT repo's BleachBit.

Like CCleaner on Windows, BleachBit frees space by deleting unimportant files and helps maintain your privacy by deleting sensitive data. 
And, just like CCleaner, there’s more you can do with BleachBit than just clicking a single button.

Better than free, BleachBit is open source.

Comparison to APT version:
- Nicer GUI look
- With Abort function
- With many function not included in APT version (Shred path from clipboard,make chaff and etc)
- Clean deeper
- Official dark theme support
- Support showing debug messages

btop++ - Thanks to: - aristocratos and all contributers. - Crilum on GitHub for writing the scripts.

Awesome terminal resource monitor and task manager, similar to htop.

Run from Terminal: btop

btop shows CPU, memory, network, and disk usage, along with a task manager.
btop is also very user customizable, with different layouts and ways of displaying CPU, memory, network and disk usage.

If you want to look at screenshots of btop, go to the GitHub README.

Clam Antivirus

Open-source antivirus for your pi
Run with the command "clamscan" or go to Menu > Utility > ClamTK.
 ∙ Open source
 ∙ Install it, set a schedule and forget it
 ∙ Scans your entire filesystem
 ∙ Moves suspicious files to quaratine 
 ∙ Has a GUI to control it


Easy RaspberryPi4 GUI system managment
Using CommanderPi, you can change overclock settings, bootloader settings, switch kernels, and view performance diagnostics.
To run: Menu -> Accessories -> CommanderPi
To run in a terminal: /home/pi/CommanderPi/src/

Disk Usage Analyzer - Botspot
Package app

Ever wonder where you put that big file, or why your SD card is full? Now you can, with a glance at a pie chart.
To run: Menu -> System Tools -> Disk Usage Analyzer
To run in a terminal: baobab

GParted - Botspot
Package app

Graphically manage disk partitions
With GParted you can resize, copy, and move partitions without data loss, enabling you to:
- Grow or shrink your C: drive
- Create space for new operating systems
- Attempt data rescue from lost partitions

To run: Menu -> System Tools -> GParted
To run in a terminal: sudo gparted

Neofetch - App Credit: dylanaraps - (GitHub:

Added to Pi-Apps by nikoloiz - (GitHub:
Package app

An aesthetically pleasing bash script to show system information.

To run in terminal: 'neofetch'

Pika Backup - Thanks to: - @sophie-h on GitHUb for creating this app - @Crilum on GitHub forr adding this app to Pi-Apps

An easy way to backup all your drives. 

Doing backups the easy way. Plugin your USB drive and let the Pika do the rest for you.

 - Create backups locally and remote
 - Set a schedule for regular backups
 - Save time and disk space because Pika
 - Backup does not need to copy known data again
 - Encrypt your backups
 - List created archives and browse through their contents
 - Recover files or folders via your file browser

Pika Backup is designed to save your personal data and does not support complete system recovery. Pika Backup is powered by the well-tested BorgBackup software.

Pi Power Tools

Easily edit RaspiOS image files with a suite of useful tools.
All features: Advanced Mount, Shrink, Expand, Flash, Boot in a VM, Download, Mount (View), Edit partitions, and Repair.

To run: Menu -> Accessories -> Pi Power Tools
To run in a terminal: ~/Pi-Power-Tools/home

Synaptic - Botspot
Package app

Advanced APT-package-management tool
To run: Menu -> Preferences -> Synaptic Package Manager
To run in terminal: sudo synaptic

Syncthing - @theofficialgman on GitHub for the scripts

A sync manager that syncs folders to different devices no matter where you are!
to start, go to Internet => Syncthing start
Terminal: syncthing.

Sysmon - @t0xic0der on GitHub for the creation of the app @ryanfortner on GitHub for the scripts

Monitor your Raspberry Pi using a web browser on another computer.
This is a background service that hosts a website at <your Pi's IP address>:6969. Using any computer on your local network, you can go to that website and view many useful statistics. (And some useless ones too)

For testing purposes, you can look at the website from the Pi itself by launching Chromium browser and going to http://localhost:6969

As mentioned earlier, the website is only visible to computers in the local network.

SysMonTask - @KrispyCamel4u (GitHub) for the program @ryanfortner (GitHub) for the scripts

Linux system monitor similar to the Windows task manager, written in Python.
Run via the Main Menu > System Tools > SysMonTask.

System Monitoring Center - @hakandundar34coding (GitHub) @ryanfortner (GitHub)

Graphical Linux System Monitor that provides information about CPU/RAM/Disk/Network/GPU performance, sensors, processes, users, startup programs, services and system info.

Run via the Main Menu > System Tools > System Monitoring Center.

Timeshift - app created by: teejee2008

Added to pi-apps by: Itai-Nelken

System restore tool for Linux that provides functionality similar to the System Restore feature in Windows and the Time Machine tool in Mac OS.
System restore tool for Linux. Creates filesystem snapshots using rsync+hardlinks, or BTRFS snapshots. Supports scheduled snapshots, multiple backup levels, and exclude filters. Snapshots can be restored while system is running or from Live CD/USB.

to run from terminal: timeshift

Update Buddy

Automatically check for APT updates on boot.
If anything can be upgraded, asks permission to upgrade.
To run: should run automatically on startup.
To run in a terminal: ~/update-buddy/


Alacritty Terminal - theofficialgman for building the debs. barnumbirr on github for making the debian sources.

A fast, cross-platform, OpenGL terminal emulator

Run from Menu: Menu -> System Tools -> Alacritty
Run from Terminal: alacritty

Cool Retro Term

Simulates an old CRT terminal.
This is fully hardware accelerated as long as your Fake KMS GPU driver is enabled.
Yes, it's a usable pi@raspberrypi terminal emulator.

To run: Menu -> System Tools -> Cool Retro Term
To run in terminal: ~/cool-retro-term/cool-retro-term


Futuristic hacker terminal
Inspired from Hollywood, this terminal is beautiful to look at and will impress your friends. It's a fully-functional bash terminal, system monitor, file manager, and on-screen keyboard, all in one fullscreen window.
Oh, and it has sound effects.
To run: Menu -> System Tools -> eDEX-UI. This new version loads in about 10 seconds! (instead of 2 minutes like Novaspirit's old version)

To exit eDEX-UI, press Alt+F4, or run this command in the terminal: exit
Change settings with Ctrl+Shift+S.
View all keyboard shortcuts with Ctrl+Shift+K.

Novaspirit Tech made an excellent walkthrough video a while ago:

Guake Terminal - Botspot

Guake is a top-down terminal, inspirated by the famous terminal used in Quake.

You can show and hide your terminal with a single key stroke, execute a command, and then go back to your previous task without breaking your workflow.

To run: Press F12. (Guake runs automatically on startup)
To run manually: Menu -> System Tools -> Guake Terminal
To run in a terminal: guake

Hyper - Thanks to: - vercel and all contributors for creating Hyper! - @Jai-JAP on GitHub for armv7l build & fixing arm64 build - @Crilum on GitHub for the simple scripts

A modern electron terminal

Hyper is an Electron-based terminal.
 - Built on HTML/CSS/JS
 - Fully extensible
 - Install themes and plugins from the command line

Run from Terminal: hyper
Run from Menu: Menu -> Accessories -> Hyper

Microsoft PowerShell - Made by Microsoft [ Open Source Code ] Ported by TurquoiseTNT

PowerShell is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS) automation and configuration tool/framework that works well with your existing tools and is optimized for dealing with structured data (e.g. JSON, CSV, XML, etc.), REST APIs, and object models. It includes a command-line shell, an associated scripting language and a framework for processing cmdlets.

To run: Menu -> Accessories -> Microsoft PowerShell
In terminal: pwsh

Tabby - Thanks to: - Eugeny and all contributors for creating Tabby! - @Jai-JAP on GitHub for armv7l & arm64 builds & for the simple scripts

 A terminal for a more modern age 
Tabby (formerly Terminus) is a highly configurable terminal emulator, SSH and serial client for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Run from Terminal: tabby
Run from Menu: Menu -> Accessories -> Tabby


AndroidBuddy - Made by gazlene#8088 on Discord

Added to pi-apps by Raspberry Pi News and Botspot

A GUI for Android device recovery and maintenance.

To run: Menu > Accessories > AndroidBuddy
To run in a temrinal: python3 ~/droidbuddy/

- APK Installation: Install an Android application package with ease.
- Screen viewing and interaction: Control your device through an scrcpy window.
- Recover files: Allows you to back up music, downloads, photos or all of your device's files.
- AND MORE! Check out the website for more info.

AntiMicroX - Thanks to: - All contributers for creating AntiMicroX. - ryanfortner for his information on how to build AntiMicroX. - Crilum on GitHub for writing the install/uninstall scripts.

A graphical program used to map keyboard buttons and mouse controls to a gamepad.

Useful for playing games with no gamepad support.

Run from Menu: Menu -> Accesories -> AntiMicroX
Run from Terminal: antimicrox

BalenaEtcher - @Itai-Nelken (GitHub) @ryanfortner (GitHub)

Flash SD cards with a disk image. Many file types supported.
To run: Menu -> Accessories -> BalenaEtcher
To run in a terminal: /opt/balenaEtcher/balena-etcher-electron

ckb-next - @ryanfortner (GitHub)
Package app

ckb-next is an open-source Linux driver for Corsair keyboards and mice.
Features include:
- Customizable key bindings
- Lighting and animation settings
- Adjustable DPI for mice
- and more!

Run from Menu > Preferences > ckb-next, or simply run `ckb-next` in a terminal.

**DISCLAIMER**: this is NOT an official Corsair product and does not come with a warranty. Also, not all Corsair products are fully supported. Use at your own risk.

Ducopanel - @ponsato (GitHub) for the program @ryanfortner (GitHub) for the scripts

Desktop app to manage Duino-Coin miners and tools.

You can upload the code to any Arduino board, mine with all the boards or with the ones you choose, mine with the PC (choosing the cores you want), and much more.
You can also connect to your official wallet and perform any operation without leaving the application, as well as see the live status of the network and servers.
This development makes everything related to DuinoCoin even easier, based exclusively on the official tools.

ElectronJs has been used for this purpose.

To run the program: Main Menu -> Accessories -> Ducopanel

FF Multi Converter - Thanks to Crilum on GitHub for writing the scripts. Thanks to ilstad on GitHub and all Contributors for creating FF Multi Converter!

FF Multi Converter is a simple graphical application for Linux which enables you to convert audio,
video, image and document files.

It uses FFmpeg for audio/video files, the ImageMagick software suite for image conversions and
unoconv for document files.

The goal of FF Multi Converter is to gather the most popular multimedia types in one application
and provide conversion options for them easily through a user-friendly graphical interface.

Run from Menu: Menu -> Accesories -> FF Multi Converter
Run from Terminal: ffmulticonverter

Flameshot - for creating the tool + all github contributors CleanMachine1 for the install scripts and suggestion Itai-Nelken for finding the .deb files for installing Chunky-Milk for hosting the .deb file in their Github

A simple tool to take screenshots of your screen or just parts of the screen. It is similar to Microsoft's Snipping Tool.

To launch: Menu -> Graphics -> Flameshot
To use: find the flameshot icon in your taskbar (system tray) and click it to open Flameshot.
To run in a terminal: flameshot


Geekbench 5 is a cross-platform benchmark that measures your system's performance with the press of a button. 
How will your mobile device or desktop computer perform when push comes to crunch? 
How will it compare to the newest devices on the market? 
Find out today with Geekbench 5.

To run in terminal: geekbench

Https File Server

Simple file-sharing webserver. Other computers on your local network can connect to your computer from the web browser and download files you share.
Or, you can enable port forwarding on your router so that anyone on the Internet can download your files.
This app uses Wine to run a windows exe file.

To launch: Menu -> Applications -> HTTPS File Server

Imager - Botspot
Package app

Raspberry Pi's official SD card imaging utility.
This includes many features and customizations you can make to the image before flashing, and is overall very reliable.
To run: Menu -> Accessories -> Imager
To run in terminal: rpi-imager

KeePassXC - @ryanfortner (GitHub) for the scripts @raspbian-addons maintainers for the deb

KeePassXC is a modern, secure, and open-source password manager that stores and manages sensitive information.
Run via the Main Menu > Accessories > KeePassXC

Linux Wifi Hotspot - Thanks to: - @lakinduakash on GitHub (as well as all contributors) for creating this app - @Crilum on GitHub for adding this app to Pi-Apps

A feature-rich wifi hotspot creator for Linux which provides both GUI and command-line interface.

Run GUI from Menu: Menu -> System Tools -> Wifi Hotspot
Run GUI from Terminal: wihotspot
Run CLI from Terminal: create_ap

 - Share your wifi like in Windows - Use wifi and enable hotspot at the same time.
 - Share a wifi access point from any network interface
 - Share wifi via QR code
 - MAC filter
 - View connected devices
 - Includes both CLI and GUI.
 - Supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz - You can be connected to a 5GHz network and have your hotspot on a 2.4GHz network.
 - Customise wifi channel, Change MAC address, etc.
 - Hide SSID
 - Customize gateway IP address
 - Enable IEEE 80211n, IEEE 80211ac modes

Note: Running Linux Wifi Hotspot from the Menu will turn on your Wifi, becuause trying to start a Hotspot with your Wifi off won't work.

More RAM - Botspot

Of course Pi-Apps lets you download more RAM!
Have you ever been using your Raspberry Pi when the screen froze? Most likely, your system ran out of RAM.
On default Raspbian, freezes happen easily and suddenly. When the RAM fills up, the entire system becomes unresponsive. Many people think the only solution is to buy a Pi with more RAM, but THAT'S NOT TRUE and this app proves it.

This app uses ZRAM to increase the capacity of your RAM. ZRAM is a kernel module to compress data on-the-fly and store it in RAM. It has all sorts of uses, but it can be an extremely performant Swap drive with the right tweaks.

Some types of data compress better than others. On average, the ZSTD algorithm reaches a 3:1 compression-ratio, but in some cases it can approach 5:1! When used as Swap, this means that theoretically, one RAM chip can store 5 times as much memory! While real-world loads are unlikely to be compressible that much, the results are still impressive. In a recent test, Chromium was instructed to open 200 tabs. (mostly youtube videos)
When everything finished loading, Chromium had consumed 7GB of RAM. However, this test was performed on a Raspberry Pi 4 with only 4GB of RAM! Without ZRAM, the screen would have frozen within seconds. But with ZRAM, the system was still very responsive.

What does this app do?
- This app will disable the default Swapfile. (By default, RPiOS comes with a pitiful 100MB swapfile that does barely anything) Disabling Swap reduces the number of writes to the SD card, boosting performance while increasing its lifetime.
- This app will setup ZRAM to extend the usable RAM, when necessary. How much ZRAM? It's calculated based on a 4:1 ratio of your devices available RAM. On a 1GB Pi, there will be 4GB of ZRAM; on a 4GB Pi there will be 16GB of ZRAM. Remember: this relies on compressing data, so some situations may not be able to reach the full 4:1 compression-ratio.
- This app will adjust a few kernel paremeters to optimize RAM usage.
- Remember how ZRAM can be used for other things too? This app will also set up some high speed data storage using ZRAM. It's perfect for managing large files temporarily, without filling up your SD card. This is similar to a RAMdisk, but it doesn't use the RAM as quickly. You can access this storage by going to the new /zram folder.
Of course, uninstalling this app will revert everything back to how it was.

How do I know if it's working? There are a few ways to check.
- You can run the htop command to see RAM and Swap usage. Htop will refresh itself every second, just like the Task Manager.
- You can install Conky from Pi-Apps. This will display the RAM and Swap usage on the desktop. Conky refreshes twice every second.
- To see more detailed ZRAM information and statistics, run the zramctl command.

What about Novaspirit Tech's popular ZRAM tutorial from a few years ago? Is this app better? Yes. First, Novaspirit created four swapdisks, while only one is necessary. Also, he used LZ4 compression, while this app uses the new ZSTD compression algorithm. (ZSTD is slightly slower than LZ4, but its compression ratio is far better) Also, he didn't tweak any kernel parameters, severaly limiting ZRAM's effectiveness.

Overall, this app is designed to get the most out of ZRAM. Even if your Pi never uses all available RAM, installing this app will unlock more space for file-caching, thereby improving performance while reducing writes to the SD card.

Nautilus - Botspot
Package app

Feature-rich file manager for the GNOME desktop
To run: Menu -> Accessories -> Nautilus
To run in terminal: nautilus

Nemo - open-sorcerer64 linuxmint
Package app

File manager and graphical shell for Cinnamon, also works well on other desktop environments.

Nemo is the official file manager for the Cinnamon desktop. It allows one to browse directories, preview files, and launch applications associated with them.
It is also responsible for handling the icons on the Cinnamon desktop. It works on local and remote filesystems. Several icon themes and components for viewing different kinds of files are available in separate packages.

To run: Menu -> Accessories -> Files
To run in terminal: nemo

Node.js - Script by ilobilo Script improved by Itai-Nelken

JavaScript code outside a web browser.
Node.js is used for all npm packages and is the foundation of Electron.
As usual, this app will keep it updated.

PeaZip - @ryanfortner (GitHub)

PeaZip is free file archiver utility, based on Open Source technologies of 7-Zip, p7zip, Brotli, FreeArc, PAQ, Zstandard, and PEA projects.

Cross-platform, full-featured but user-friendly alternative to WinRar, WinZip and similar general purpose archive manager applications, open and extract 200+ archive formats: 001, 7Z, ACE, ARC, ARJ, BR, BZ2, CAB, DMG, GZ, ISO, LHA, PAQ, PEA, RAR, TAR, UDF, WIM, XZ, ZIP, ZIPX, ZST - view full list of supported archive file formats for archiving and for extraction.

Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (bash) - Created and added to pi-apps by Itai-Nelken

Pi-apps terminal is a script that lets you use pi-apps from the terminal, its written in bash.
It has all the commands you will ever need:
'install' - install a app available in pi-apps.
'remove' - uninstall a app installed by pi-apps (uninstall also works).
'multi-install' - install multiple apps.
'multi-remove' - uninstall multiple apps (multi-uninstall also works).
'list-all' - list all the apps in pi-apps (note that this will also list apps that are not available for your OS).
'list-installed' - list all the apps installed by pi-apps.
'list-uninstalled' - list all the uninstalled apps.
'list-corrupted' - list all the corrupted apps.
'search' - usage: search "search-term". search a app available in pi-apps (note that this will show results from the description of the 'apps as well as their name).
'website' - usage: website "app-name". print the website of a app available in pi-apps.
'update' - update all pi-apps components.
'update-apps' - update all pi-apps apps only.
'gui' - launch pi-apps regularly.

and it makes life easier by eliminating the use of quotes for apps with a space in their name (unless you are using 'multi-install' or 'multi-uninstall').

Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (python) - App made by and added to pi-apps by RPICoder

This is a terminal version of pi apps but with more features.

pi-apps [argument]

Available Arguments: 
"list-all"  Prints the list of available apps that are installable
"list-installed"  Prints all installed apps
"list-uninstalled"  Prints all uninstalled apps
"install [appname]"  Install any app available in pi-apps
"uninstall [appname]"  Uninstall any app available in pi-apps
"search [appname]"  Search for a app in pi apps
"website [appname]"  Prints website for app
"update"  Update pi-apps
"gui"  Launches gui for pi-apps

Run "pi-apps help" to get this information


PiGro is a program designed to make all Debian-based distributions easier to use on the Pi.
The most common terminal commands can be executed with one click.

PiKISS GUI - @krishenriksen on Github for creating PiKISS-GUI. @Jai-JAP on Github for modifying the app to add semi-automated app syncs from piKISS & adding this app to Pi-Apps.

PiKISS GUI is a GTK frontend for PiKISS

To run: Menu -> Accessories -> PiKISS GUI
To run in a terminal: ~/.local/bin/pikiss-gui

To Sync apps with PiKISS:
Run: Menu -> Accessories -> PiKISS GUI Sync Apps
From terminal run: ~/local/share/pikiss-gui/


A bunch of scripts with a menu to make your life easier. 
To run: Menu -> System Tools -> PiKiss
To run in a terminal: ~/piKiss/
 ∙ Easy system configuration
 ∙ Ability to install your favourite games like Half Life
 ∙ Emulators galore!
 ∙ Install apps like OBS and Cool-Retro-Term!

ATTENTION! The pi-kiss maintainer only uses edge versions of software. This means that if you installed something and it works, it does not mean that it will work in the future. Currently only Bullseye is supported, operation on Buster and similar systems is not guaranteed. Do not rush to remove your programs, you may not be able to install them in the future.


Create compressed image files.  Flash SD cards from a disk image. Many file types supported.
To run: Menu -> Accessories -> PiSafe
To run in a terminal: pisafe


Connect and control your Android smartphone.
This is similar to a remote desktop, where you can view the device's screen and navigate it normally.

To run: Menu -> System Tools -> Scrcpy
To run in a terminal: scrcpy

- For more info, run "scrcpy --help"
- The Android device requires at least API 21 (Android 5.0).
- Make sure you enabled ADB debugging on your device.
- The device needs to be connected to the same local network, or via USB.
- On some devices, you also need to enable an additional option to control it using keyboard and mouse.
- If you have issues, try to run the app a couple of times through Terminal.

Screenshot - Botspot
Package app

Simple interface for capturing screenshots, similar to the Windows Snipping Tool.
To run: Menu -> Accessories -> Screenshot
To run in terminal: gnome-screenshot

Snapdrop - @ryanfortner (GitHub)

Share files with nearby devices on the local network. Inspired by Apple's Airdrop.
To run: Menu -> Internet -> Snapdrop
To use: Open a web browser on the other computer/smartphone and go to
Now drag and drop files to the website, and the other device will see the files and download them.

Snap Store - Installation script and made by RPICoder

Snaps are app packages for desktop, cloud and IoT that are easy to install, secure, cross‐platform and dependency‐free.
Snaps are discoverable and installable from the Snap Store, the app store for Linux with an audience of millions.

Temps - Thanks to Crilum on GitHub for making the scripts. Thanks to jackd248 on GitHub for the original temps. Thanks to promusic on GitHub for forking and continuing development on this awesome app!

Temps is a modern and minimal menubar application based on Electron with actual weather information and forecast.

Run from: Menu -> Accessories -> Temps
or from Terminal: temps

TiLP - @ryanfortner (GitHub)
Package app

TiLP is a linking program for Texas Instruments graphing calculators. It can transfer apps, programs, and more to a calculator.

tldr - Ported to pi-apps by Raspberry Pi News on youtube Updated by CleanMachine1

The tldr project is a collection of community-maintained help pages for command-line tools, that aims to be a simpler, more approachable complement to traditional man pages.

Run it by typing "tldr <command>" into terminal.

Maybe you are new to the command-line world? Or just a little rusty? Or perhaps you can't always remember the arguments to lsof, or tar?

It also is more digestable than man pages which blasts pages of useless stuff at you every time you use it.


A very minimal GUI app that can write compressed disk images to USB drives.
USBImager is a very useful and minimal app that works like etcher and Raspberry Pi imager but needs less resources, (it's less then 400kb).

To run from terminal, type: usbimager.

VeraCrypt - nielsbaloe on Github suggested this be added. Botspot added it.

Open source disk encryption software
- Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk.
- Encrypts an entire partition or storage device such as USB flash drive or hard drive.
- Encrypts a partition or drive where Windows is installed (pre-boot authentication).
- Encryption is automatic, real-time(on-the-fly) and transparent.
- Parallelization and pipelining allow data to be read and written as fast as if the drive was not encrypted.
- Encryption can be hardware-accelerated on modern processors.
- Provides plausible deniability, in case an adversary forces you to reveal the password: Hidden volume (steganography) and hidden operating system.
- More information about the features of VeraCrypt may be found in the documentation.

VMware Horizon Client

VMware Horizon Client allows your end users to connect to their VMware Horizon View VM from a device of choice.

The Horizon Client app communicates with the View Connection Server, which acts as a broker between the client device and View desktops. Users enter credentials into Horizon Client and the View Connection Server authenticates them and then finds their virtual desktops.

IT administrators can also use Horizon Client and the View Connection Server to deliver Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) desktops and applications from an RDSH farm or to deliver VMware ThinApp applications within Horizon View.

Windows Flasher - Botspot

Install Windows 10 or Windows 11 on a Raspberry Pi SD card.
This tool is a 100% legal way to use any Debian or Ubuntu Linux operating system to flash a RPi's SD card with the necessary files to run Windows 10 or 11.

Usage is simple:
- Choose an operating system version. (Windows 11, Windows 10, Custom version)
- Choose what model Pi will be running Windows. (RPi4 or RPi3)
- Choose a language.
- Choose a storage drive to flash.
- Click Flash.
It's as simple as that. WoR-flasher takes care of the rest - downloading hundreds of files from Microsoft, generating a Windows image with them, importing the custom RPi drivers, enabling the WinPE environment, and much more. When finished, WoR-flasher will tell you exactly what to do next.

To run: Menu -> Accessories -> WoR-Flasher
To run the graphical interface in a terminal: ~/wor-flasher/
To run the command-line interface in a terminal: ~/wor-flasher/

If you encounter problems, we recommend you run WoR-flasher in a terminal to catch any errors.

Xfburn - @Rak1ta (GitHub)
Package app

Xfburn is a tool to help burning CDs and DVDs. It fits well in the Xfce Desktop Environment but can be used anywhere.

To run: Menu -> Multimedia -> Xfburn
To run in terminal: xfburn

XMRig - Thanks to - Everyone who has contributed to XMRig! - Crilum on Github for writing install/uninstall scripts! - @GYKgamer on Github for suggesting this!

Advanced cryptocurrency miner - for Monero and beyond
Supports RandomX, KawPow, CryptoNight, AstroBWT and GhostRider algorithms.

See the website for more information.

If you need an XMR wallet, go to, create a wallet, and save the mnumonic somewhere safe. You will need the Wallet Address for Mining.

To run in a terminal: xmrig
This is assuming you set up the config file. Otherwise, you can add flags like this: 

If you use the MoneroOcean pool, you can view the miner's performance by visiting

This is not a Bitcoin miner! Most XMRig users mine Monero - a cryptocurrency with exceptional privacy, security, and decentralization measures.
Monero is probably the best currency for PC mining, as its mining algorithm is specifically designed to thwart specialized mining equipment.


Box64 - ptitseb for creating box64 debs made by @ryanfortner (GitHub)

Easily emulate x86_64 linux apps on Raspberry Pi.

Box64 lets you run x86_64 Linux programs (such as games) on non-x86_64 Linux systems, like ARM (host system needs to be 64bit little-endian).

Because Box64 uses the native versions of some "system" libraries, like libc, libm, SDL, and OpenGL, it's easy to integrate and use with most applications, and performance can be surprisingly high in many cases.

Box86 - Itai-Nelken for his box86 debs and script creation

Easily emulate x86 linux apps on Raspberry Pi.
Box86 lets you run x86 Linux programs (such as games) on non-x86 Linux, like ARM (host system needs to be 32bit little-endian).
Because Box86 uses the native versions of some "system" libraries, like libc, libm, SDL and OpenGL, it's easy to integrate and use, and performance can be surprisingly high in some cases.
Box86 now integrates a DynaRec (dynamic recompiler) for the ARM platform, providing a speed boost between 5 to 10 times faster than only using the interpreter.

QEMU - Added to Pi-Apps by Itai-Nelken debs compiled and packaged using QEMU2DEB (tool by Itai-Nelken) by ryanfortner.

QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.
QEMU 6.1 for Buster, system QEMU for other distros (Bullseye is currently using 7.0).

Wine (x86) - Script by Itai-Nelken and Botspot

Run x86 Windows apps with a box86-emulated version of x86 wine.
To run: wine path/to/file.exe
To configure wine: go to 'Wine configuration' in main menu or type in terminal: wine winecfg
Not all Windows applications will work under Wine. It's a good idea to check online if your program can run, or if something can be tweaked to make it work.

Note: the applications installed with wine will appear under the wine category in the main menu, and they will stay there even after uninstalling wine.

Need support with running a game or app with wine and box86? Ask it on the Pi Labs Discord: