The app status folder

Pi-Apps keeps track of each app's status: installed or uninstalled. (as well as a few other possible values)
Each app's status is located in the data/status folder.
For example, on a default Pi-Apps installation, the status file for arduino is located at: /home/pi/pi-apps/data/status/Arduino.
Each file in this folder will contain one of these possible values: - installed - The app is currently installed. - uninstalled - The app is currently uninstalled. - corrupted - The app failed to install/uninstall. - disabled - The app is in a disabled state: it will not be installed under any circumstances. - This status is useful for TwisterOS where Box86 comes pre-installed. We don't want Pi-Apps installing Box86 under any circumstances, even if another app requires it to be installed.

As mentioned earlier, Pi-Apps runs on bash scripts. Each script has a certain job to do, and together they make Pi-Apps work.

See the scripts folder for how each individual script works.